Harry Potter all Grown Up?

I just read that J.K. Rowling is working on an adult novel. No news on what it’s about or when it will be released, but I’m sure it will arrive with a media blitz of historic proportions and generate such a blizzard of discussion and commentary that all other literary pursuits will be temporarily derailed. Already, I’ve seen the questions: Can it possibly be any good?  What makes Rowling think she can write for adults? Is there any life after Harry Potter?

It is that last question I find the most interesting. Whatever your opinion of the Potter books ( I personally loved them all), they were indisputably a phenomenon. What I am most interested to find out, is whether Rowling can create a story that is even half as compelling. Too many of my favorite novels have been followed up by disappointments. The curse of high expectations?

I’m sure I’ll read whatever Ms. Rowling comes up with next. Her past work guarantees that. But I will try to temper my enthusiasm and I’ll probably wait until the blizzard melts a bit. What about you? Will you stand in line or download it an instant after release? Or does the mere thought of Rowling publishing something not related to the wizard world send you screaming for the aisles?


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