Wave Runners

wave-runners-front-cover  Sun … Sand… and Pirates?

Another vacation, another adventure for Jim Winters and his younger sister, Erica. Winning a spot in a prestigious competition is the ticket to Jim’s future, the chance to follow his dream and do what he loves. The Caribbean cruise that’s part of the prize is an unexpected bonus for him and his family. So when modern-day pirates take over the ship, Jim resists the urge to fight back. After all, he’s there to compete, not save the world. That’s his father’s job, not his. But the pirates won’t leave him alone, and Erica keeps turning up clues about the pirates’ identity. And when Jim’s girlfriend gets caught in the crossfire, he has to do something. A daring venture into the pirates’ lair risks the siblings’ lives, reveals a startling plot, and forces Jim to rethink his life-long dream. In the end Jim and Erica just can’t help making waves.

I’m super excited to announce that the second Jim and Erica Winters novel, Wave Runners is now available in both paperback and ebook (Kindle) format on Amazon.com.


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