“This book was such a book treat.  The narrative was clear and Kelley is clearly a strong writer and storyteller.  I found myself wanting to find out what happened next through the entire book–and I found myself thinking I knew what was going to happen, then second guessing myself, then third guessing my second guessing.” Sassy Peach, Book Inspector

“The storyline really was full of twists. Jim and Erica just never seemed to know who to trust from one minute to the next, and no sooner did they think they were getting somewhere when something else happened and they found themselves no further along at all. This book was well written and the mystery kept you turning the pages. An entertaining young adult read.”   Sarah Elizabeth’s Bookshelf

“Paraglide has definitely won me over. The blurb doesn’t even begin to summarize the excitement in this novel… Kelley’s characters gave you reasons for everything—for a laugh, a cry, and even a gasp. It was like falling in love, I swear it. My Home Away From Home

“Call it kids’ version of James Bond or Mission: Impossible. Suspense, check. Adventure, check. Conflict, check. Paraglide has all the needed elements…” Bornean Bookworm

“I was surprised on by how much I really enjoyed this book … great twist and turns,it really is a page turner.” Book Nerds Across America


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